Long Read: The Most Dangerous Man in Surfing Does Not Live on the North Shore! “I saw the enemy up close and personal. Nothing but hate in their eyes, nothing less.” – BeachGrit

Son of a big-wave legend, Military SEAL, shredder in thirty-foot surf… 

(Editor’s be aware: Peter Maguire is a surfer, warfare crimes investigator and writer of Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade, Law and War, Facing Death in Cambodia and Breathe, the brand new bio on jiujitsu icon Rickson Gracie. Ain’t a lot ol Petey can’t do. The following story was first published in The Surfer’s Journal as Redacted, and you’ll find it, the unabridged version, ie longer, on Pete’s substack Sour Milk as Strength and Honour, Ivan Trent’s Odyssey. Subscribe to Sour Milk, it’s free etc.)

Probably the most bad guy in browsing does no longer continue to exist the North Shore. 

He does no longer force an outsized pickup truck, has no visual tattoos, and prefers Chihuahuas to pit bulls. 

The quiet, coiled 54-year-old has the face of a Hawaiian Kahuna, the beard of a Pashtu tribal elder, and a frame so younger that it’s nonetheless able to operating 4 miles in 28 mins flat. 

Born and bred at Makaha Level, no longer best used to be Ivan Trent inducted into the smash’s maximum elite membership (“The Makaha Screamers”), when deployments allowed, he used to be a typical at Waimea Bay and some of the first to paddle out to out of doors Log Cabins.  

However, the Military SEAL leader’s maximum outstanding feats within the water won’t ever seem on YouTube and can almost certainly stay categorized state secrets and techniques lengthy after his demise. 

Trent’s values are nearer to these of a Spartan syssitia or the Roman Legion than modern-day The united states. 

“So far as existence, there’s no unfairness,” he mentioned, “simply instances one merely has to handle.”

Even supposing Ivan Trent’s tale culminates within the Afpak frontier, it starts greater than 5 many years in the past at the Westside of Oahu. 

The son of mythical big-wave surfer Buzzy Trent and native Westside attractiveness Violet Rodillas used to be born in a Quonset hut on Makaha Level. 

A stoic who walked his communicate, the elder Trent lived for the problem of huge surf. 

“He used to be a real minimalist,” mentioned his son. “He would have inspired Marx. Subject matter gadgets had been simply that to him, gadgets with little significance.” 

Goodwin Murray “Buzzy” Trent used to be born in 1929 into an upper-class California – a piece of content by Surfing HI – circle of relatives. His existence modified ceaselessly when his oldsters moved from their Pasadena ranch to a space on San Vicente Street in Santa Monica. 

Whilst he discovered to surf in Santa Monica Bay, Trent used to be quickly driving his motorbike all of the approach to Malibu to surf the purpose with Matt Kivlin and Bob Simmons. 

He used to be additionally a Golden Gloves boxer and probably the most promising soccer gamers to ever graduate from Santa Monica Top College. The all-CIF halfback ran a sub-10 moment 100, and used to be recruited via USC. However after a knee harm right through preseason coaching of his freshman yr, Trent moved to Hawaii and not seemed again.

Buzzy Trent believed that big-wave browsing advanced the 2 maximum necessary qualities a person can have: dignity and braveness. 

“One million dollars received’t purchase you an oz of both,” he mentioned.

No process used to be underneath the Californian so long as it allowed him the liberty to surf huge waves. Even supposing Trent labored as a fireman, it used to be as a building employee that he established his recognition as a modern-day John Henry. 

After a coworker on the Hawaiian Dredging Corporate by chance knocked him off a 14th-floor concrete slab, Trent fell two tales (roughly 50 ft), grabbed a Twelfth-floor girder, and swung himself again into the development. 

“He got here house and mentioned it actual informal,” recalled his son. “He used to be a caveman, simply dusted himself off and went browsing.”


Ivan Trent used to be born to the manor of big-wave browsing and counts most of the recreation’s true pioneers—Buffalo Keaulana, George Downing, Greg Noll, and Peter Cole—as his hanai uncles. 

A few of Trent’s earliest recollections are of riding to the North Shore in his father’s VW worm with a Dick Brewer gun strapped to the roof. He and his sister Anna would play military at the seashore in entrance of Val Valentine’s space, but when their father’s board washed in, they dropped the whole thing to pull it as much as the dry sand. 

Trent recollects pulling as much as Makaha Level together with his dad right through the iciness of 1969. 

“Uncle Greg Noll ran as much as my dad,” mentioned Trent. “He used to be undoubtedly shaken as he mentioned his life-changing journey” (As huge as Noll’s wave used to be on that swell, Trent believes that his father, George Downing (1958), and Brian Keaulana (1983) all rode better waves at Makaha).  

Buzzy Trent famously stated the position of concern in big-wave driving. 

“Just a idiot is courageous,” he mentioned. “Everybody has concern. It’s herbal. However the name of the game to concern is understanding how you can regulate it and make it give you the results you want.”

Whilst a tender kid Ivan Trent examined his fears with quiet choice. At 9, he walked 5 miles by myself to the forbidden Makua Cave that, consistent with Hawaiian lore, used to be the house of Kaneana, the shark guy. Consistent with the legend, Kaneana would grow to be himself into a person, seize his sufferers, and devour them in Makua Cave. 

When his sister Anna requested him what possessed him to take the stroll, he spoke back merely, “I sought after to peer if I may just.”

Nowadays, the expression “waterman” has been diminished to a advertising and marketing cliché used to promote stand-up paddleboards and different detritus of the so-called “browsing way of life.” 

There used to be, on the other hand, a time when the phrase carried nice weight, designating the maritime an identical of a black belt in a super martial artwork. 

It used to be no longer sufficient to simply surf. A waterman needed to have mastered all of the aquatic arts: he used to be a talented diver, canoe surfer, oarsman, meteorologist, sailor, ocean swimmer, bodysurfer, lifesaver, fisherman, and board/boat builder who may just journey any length surf on any craft put beneath him. 

Ivan Trent in The Surfer’s Magazine.

Buzzy Trent cast Ivan right into a waterman right through a duration of American historical past when “vainness” used to be earned and no longer mandated via the state.

Most of the underwater coaching strategies utilized by fashionable big-wave riders had been pioneered via Buzzy who believed that if he may just maintain his breath for 3 mins loose diving, a 30-second pounding in huge surf used to be no huge deal, “Dad used to be an improbable free-diver and swore it used to be the most productive conditioning for iciness surf.” 

Even supposing the daddy and son frequently surfed Makaha and Maili Level, their free-diving classes at Yokahama Bay, Sundown Seaside, and Kaena Level had been simply as necessary. 

Ivan’s mom Violet didn’t just like the seashore, however she made certain that Ivan joined his father on all of his dive journeys, “I’d regularly wait ashore for hours on finish at Sundown, Lanis, and infrequently the Bay,” Ivan remembered. “[My dad’s] same old order to me used to be ‘Son, don’t get close to the water.’ The nice Jacques Mayol would were in awe of Pops; the person had finesse, grace, endurance, and tool as a pores and skin diver. He additionally had an implausible talent to slide into the deep caverns, crevices, and cracks. He had immense breath-hold capacity.”


Rising up at the Westside right through the Sixties and ’70s, Ivan’s friends had been one of the vital unsung heroes of Hawaiian browsing. Lengthy ahead of Buttons and Mark Liddell, there have been Hawaiian efficiency surfers like Craig Wilson and Sammy Alama. 

“Craig ‘Kanak’ Wilson used to be Makaha’s satisfaction,” recalled Trent. “He had the smoothest rail-to-rail turns at Makaha and maxed out Yokohama. Above all, he used to be a humble and gracious athlete and a super instance.  Sammy Alama used to be an area icon in small-to-mid-size surf. His robust roundhouse cutbacks had been the most productive on the earth.”  

All the browsing and diving had been preparation for just one factor, massive Makaha Level surf, what Buzzy Trent regarded as the best huge wave on the earth. 

“I would possibly draw rounds for this observation,” wrote Ivan, “However quite a few North Shore regulars have a hard time browsing huge Level surf as a result of this can be a entire other animal. I state this no longer out of conceitedness, however with humble admire for one in every of browsing’s biggest rides. Heavy puts like Sundown and actual Waimea Bay entail a bushy drop with a fairly angled takeoff, adopted via a sweeping backside flip.” 

No longer all set waves at Makaha are makeable, so wave variety is significant. Large Makaha calls for an competitive, angled takeoff. A surfer’s line of assault should be top sufficient to procure enough velocity and care for tempo with the rising wall forward. 

After slipping down the face, finishing the journey nonetheless calls for threading the bowl phase. Large Makaha is likely one of the few waves that may stall a chattering board and ship it again up the face because the wave attracts. 

Consistent with Ivan, Waimea is “an impressive, mutated height, while Makaha Level surf is totally other. It’s an ultra-steep, speedy, vertical wall that ends with a meaty, horseshoe-shaped bowl. I liken Makaha to massive Laniakea with a Waimea on the finish.”

Sooner than mobile phones and Web surf stories, the Trent’s Quonset hut on Makaha Level used to be a meeting position for the technology’s very best surfers. Ivan nonetheless recollects when Mike Doyle and Nat Younger confirmed up the day ahead of the 1971 Smirnoff Contest on the smash. Buzzy lectured them for hours about huge Makaha or even drew them a map of the lineup. 

“We known as in for a lager,” wrote Younger, who went directly to win the competition, “and ended up staying up overdue being totally entertained via Buzzy’s tales about browsing Makaha. His working out of how you can very best surf all of the other breaks used to be very deep and he even advised me what number of paddles to take, in precisely which course, to get the most productive takeoff when the waves had been 12, 15, 18, 20, or 25 ft, both at the Bowl or the Level.”

Ivan grew into browsing on his personal. It used to be no longer till a lot later in his existence that his father shared his wisdom and recommendation.  

Someday right through the iciness of ’73, the surf jumped from 10 ft to fifteen ft and the 120-pound, 15-year-old, paddled his 7’2″ out to the purpose. He remembered the map of the Makaha lineup that his father had drawn for Nat Younger and situated himself simply to the south of the Beal space at the level. 

When the primary massive set came over Kaena Level and the lengthy partitions approached, boils started to erupt round him. Even supposing Trent used to be frightened, he held his flooring, let the primary wave move, swung round and paddled for the following one. He made the drop however as a substitute of taking the top line he went to the ground and were given hammered. 

Ivan and his lifelong good friend Reynolds Ayau were given longer forums and started to paintings their means up the pecking order. Their purpose used to be to journey a 20-foot wave from means out of doors all over the bowl, which used to be impressed via the instance of Brian Keaulana who Trent describes as merely “the best big-wave rider of all time.”  

“Ivan used to be very just like his Dad,” wrote Peter Cole Sr. “He in reality loved huge surf. Brian Keaulana used to inform me how Ivan would pop out on huge Makaha days supercharged and yelling from sheer excitement whilst he sat inside everybody and took off on one of the vital greatest waves. Brian would inform his dad, Buffalo, about Ivan, and Buffalo would say, ‘It’s Buzzy Trent’s son needless to say!’”


Even supposing Ivan performed soccer and wrestled in highschool, he used to be no longer a celeb athlete like his father. When he graduated from Pearl Town Top College in 1977, he enlisted within the Military and used to be despatched to the Naval Coaching Heart in San Diego – read more on Surf Report LA – . 

He deliberate on turning into an aviation mechanic till the afternoon he used to be browsing Coronado’s North Seaside and a gaggle of super-fit males with shaved heads ran via.  He discovered they had been looking to turn into Military SEALS and signed up for Elementary Underwater Demolition College (BUD/S) Elegance 104.

A crucible that each one SEALS should move, BUD/S is each a coaching program and trying out flooring. 

“To start with, it’s an elaborate, tradition-bound screening procedure that seeks to search out males who would quite die than surrender,” wrote retired SEAL Dick Crouch in his guide The Completing College.  

BUD/S is damaged into 3 stages, however the first—and in some ways an important—is bodily conditioning.  

For 8 weeks, the aspiring SEALs are stored rainy, chilly, and sandy as they go through “evolutions” in harmless sounding such things as drown proofing, chilly water conditioning, log PT, rock portage, and surf passage.  

“Water is the nice equalizer,” wrote adorned SEAL Kyle Defoor. “Extra guys rang the bell [quit] as a result of water than anything—whether or not it used to be chilly, they had been beneath it too lengthy, in it too lengthy, no matter.”

Ivan no longer best finished BUD/S, he completed on the very best of sophistication 104. His first platoon used to be Underwater Demolition Group 12. And for the following 4 years he did the whole thing from taking part in Chilly Warfare cat-and-mouse video games with Soviet ships looking to retrieve US missiles within the Pacific, to a rescue strive of the American hostages in Iran. 

By means of 1983 Ivan Trent had confirmed himself a rock-solid operator and used to be summoned to a secret assembly. When the Hawaiian entered the appointed room on the appointed time, he noticed a longhaired, bearded guy with a big scar on his cheek sitting at a desk. Richard Marcinko seemed extra like a Hell’s Angel than a adorned SEAL and that used to be precisely the purpose. After the failed try to rescue the Iranian hostages in 1980 (Operation Eagle Claw), the Military ordered Marcinko to shape an elite commando crew to combat terrorism. The closely adorned Vietnam technology frogman best sought after operators who had already prominent themselves in struggle, handpicking the most productive of the most productive from the Military SEALS and Marine Recon.

After a short lived dialog, Ivan used to be invited to take part within the variety procedure—a SEAL’s an identical of an invitation to the Eddie Aikau contest at Waimea Bay. 

Amongst this elite crew, part of the applicants weren’t selected and one died. Those that survived shaped the unique Naval Particular War Construction Workforce (DEVGRU) or SEAL Group Six. 

“At the present time of its delivery,” wrote Marcinko, “Six used to be made up of 72 seasoned shooters with a well-defined, single-purpose undertaking: counterterror. Translation: hit the unhealthy guys ahead of they hit us.” 

Maximum of Trent’s paintings with DEVGRU stays categorized. Suffice it to mention, he used to be soaring above the airport in Sigonella, Sicily, in a littlebird chopper the day seven F-14 Tomcats pressured the Egypt Air 737 sporting Abu Abbas, the Palestinian Liberation Entrance chief, to make an unscheduled touchdown. (Abbas killed Leon Klinghoffer right through the hijacking of the Achille Lauro in 1985.)

After 3 years with Group Six, Ivan used to be transferred again to Hawaii. James Jones formed him 10’6″ and 11’6″ weapons and the skilled goofyfoot centered his big-wave efforts on Makaha and Waimea Bay. 

As necessary to Ivan as the massive waves he surfed had been the unsung heroes that the game attracted. 

“No media, no footage, no glitter or hype,” he mentioned, “simply honor, braveness, and dedication.”

All through the iciness of 1986 Mel Pu’u, Brian Keaulana, Leonard Brady, and Ivan surfed Makaha on a blank 20-to-30-foot day. Leonard Brady described the consultation as “existence replacing” and even if he didn’t are aware of it on the time, “All the ones days at Waimea had been preparation for that consultation at Makaha.”

All of the North Shore used to be closed out and the waves had been washing over the Kam Freeway at Laniakea and Pipeline. It used to be darkish and wet when Brady pulled into the Makaha parking space. Brian Keaulana used to be the primary out, adopted via Mel Pu’u, Dennis Gouveia, and Ivan. Brady adopted them means out of doors—to a piece of the wave he had by no means noticed smash.  

Even supposing the waves had been strong 20-foot via any person’s measure, each he and Ivan took nice convenience in the truth that Brian Keaulana and Mel Pu’u had been out, training them at the lineup. 

“The calmest and coolest of fellows,” mentioned Ivan of his big-wave mentors, “Brian and Mel—true grace beneath drive. The extra I speak about that day, the stoke replicates, even in the end those years.” 

Even supposing Brady rode 4 waves from the purpose to the channel what stood out in his reminiscence is one wave ridden via Ivan and Mel Pu’u. 

“The most important wave I’ve ever noticed ridden,” he mentioned. “The takeoff used to be large overdue they usually had been very shut to one another, best the ones two may just do it as a result of they had been so professional.”

Ivan additionally loved browsing “actual” Waimea Bay, which he says isn’t “actual” till the water attracts and the wave is going past vertical ahead of it unloads. There’s a pause and you’ll catch the wave. “You wait, take a look at your lineup and wait,” he wrote. “You spot the units marching across the level.  Fearful surfers forestall speaking. Your middle is racing. Once more, take a look at your place whilst the massive boils get started effervescent.  The primary set approaches and the Bay is alive. While you swing round and paddle there’s no chickening out.”  

Florida surfer Shuttle Freeman lived at Waimea Falls Park within the overdue ’80s and surfed the Bay frequently. He recollects one huge December morning when a Hawaiian on a gun paddled past the pack, sitting means out of doors. 

“Only a few have the outsized apparatus and outsized coconuts to sit down out the again on the lookout for the largest units,” wrote Freeman. “The massive man used to be none rather than Large Ivan Trent.  We traded bombs for hours on finish.” 

On some other day with Ivan, when an enormous west-northwest swell used to be pushing exhausting, Freeman and Trent took off means at the back of the height on a monster wave. 

“The sound of thunder is the one means to give an explanation for the sound of a suite that length.” 

Even supposing Freeman took off in entrance of him, he used to be additionally too deep and pulled into a gloomy west bowl without a go out. Each males had been driven deep beneath water. After Freeman scratched via yards of froth to achieve the outside, Ivan used to be subsequent to him, protecting his bloody foot. 

“Hit the ground?” Freeman requested. 

Each males laughed. 

“Assume that’s humorous?” mentioned Ivan, “You’re bleeding out the facet of your head.”  

“After all, we paddle the ones rhino chasers out previous everybody and had been in a position to do it once more,” recalled Freeman.  

One surfer who inspired Ivan at Waimea Bay used to be fellow struggle veteran Roger Erickson. The previous Marine who survived the North Vietnamese siege at Khe Sanh appeared immortal. 

“No one rode the Bay with extra interest and finesse,” wrote Ivan. 

Some other of his favourite surfers used to be his father’s formative years good friend and hanai uncle Peter Cole.

Considered one of his fondest big-wave browsing recollections is of a giant, crowded, day in 1988. 

“All of sudden an out of doors beast marches in and Uncle Peter is in top place.” 

The grasping pack started to scramble to snake the extremely revered 55-year-old, however Ivan wasn’t having any of it: “Dennis Pang, then Booby, me and a couple of others verbally prepared the ground and hooted for Peter to release. After that nobody dared to swing round. In reality, it used to be all Uncle Peter’s. He swung round with the glare and absolute center of attention and scored the largest wave of the largest set of the day.”

“I in reality loved browsing with Ivan within the overdue ’80s and ’90s,” wrote Cole. “It used to be like going again 30 or extra years once I surfed together with his dad.” 

Even supposing he surrender browsing Waimea Bay at 65 because of the gang, the spotlight of his ultimate consultation on the Bay used to be “gazing Ivan flip round at the greatest wave that day and fee down the face,” he remembered. “Take into account that, he took an out of this world wipeout and had an overly uncommon two-wave maintain down.” 

When Ivan in any case surfaced, he used to be 100 yards inside the pack and “hooting from having this type of superb enjoy. He wasn’t fazed slightly. The free-diving that Ivan and Buzzy each excelled in—if you end up 100 ft deep for greater than 3 mins—a big wave wipeout is not anything.”

As soon as, when stuck inside of via a 20-foot set, Ivan recalled one thing his father had as soon as mentioned to him, “Ah, don’t concern. What is going down should arise.” 

The ones phrases become a guiding piece of recommendation for Ivan. “To are living, and no longer merely exist, that’s the important thing,” Ivan defined. “Existence will have to no longer be a adventure to the grave with the aim of arriving safely with a well-preserved frame. Relatively, you will have to skid around the end line sideways, favourite beverage in hand, frame utterly used up and wiped out, and screaming, ‘Hooyah!  What a journey!’”

The morning of the 1990 Eddie Aikau contest Ivan made probably the most audacious choice of his big-wave browsing profession. He and Alec Cooke determined to surf Out of doors Log Cabins. The northwest swell used to be 20-to-40-foot with stiff business winds grooming the thunderous rights. 

“So as to add an onerous and difficult contact,” the 2 surfers determined to paddle into the large waves. Desperate to observe navigation and body of workers restoration in huge waves, two of Ivan’s SEAL teammates supported the surfers in a Zodiac. He paddled out on his 11’4″ James Jones gun. 

For 3 hours, the 2 males tried to catch a wave, however the swells had been transferring too speedy. 

“Those monsters rolled beneath us,” recalled Ivan. “That’s after we discovered the real length—past 30-plus.” 

They had been already a mile offshore however a large set broke 300 yards out of doors of them, and the mountain of whitewater didn’t expend because it approached. Trent took off his leash and dove as deep as he may just. When he in any case reached the outside, it used to be tricky to get a breath as a result of there used to be a foam layer so dense that it used to be like making an attempt to swim in soapsuds. 

Even supposing their Particular War give a boost to crew carried out admirably and picked the surfers up with out incident, the enjoy left Ivan shaken.  

Regretting his choice to paddle out on an un-rideable day strengthened his trust in trusting his instincts. 

Ivan used to be out the day Donnie Solomon drowned at Waimea. No longer best does he stay “haunted via that fateful day,” it additionally served as a reminder of what can occur whilst driving huge waves. 

The day after his Outer Log Cabins consultation, items of his board washed up at the seashore.  Even supposing he used to be much more shaken, he regained his equilibrium via browsing 20-foot Waimea. Days later, he left the Islands, accrued his circle of relatives, and headed to his new accountability station, the Republic of the Philippines.


Ivan moved to San Diego – read more on Surf Report LA – in 1991, the place he would turn into a mythical BUD/S teacher, very best referred to as “Trainer Blah.” 

Energetic accountability SEALS play an enormous position in each the educational and collection of their long term teammates for the quite simple explanation why that their lives depends on them. Consistent with Ivan, demise isn’t a SEAL’s biggest concern.  

“It isn’t being examined, confirmed, and authorized via their friends,” or, put in a different way, being “merely vetted via da boys.”  

Trent would teach most of the SEALs who prominent themselves in struggle after 9/11. Consistent with his former student, adorned SEAL Kyle Defoor, Trainer Blah made certain his scholars “had been as on the subject of ‘watermen’ as imaginable, similar to the big-wave guys at the Islands,” including, “Blah and his contemporaries who had been first section BUD/S instructors on the time are the blokes who decided on and taught the vast majority of the SEALs who would later combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s bizarre that nobody has in reality stated him/them but bearing in mind the overpowering efficiency of the blokes in struggle, particularly our ‘all-star’ Group, which Blah used to be part of.”

Howard Wasdin, former SEAL Group 6 operator and writer of SEAL Group Six, discovered surf passage from Trainer Blah and described his distinctive pedagogic taste: “Threat or no threat, one in every of our instructors all the time spoke in the similar monotone. In a lecture room on the Naval Particular War Heart, Trainer Blah’s jungle boot stepped on a 13-foot-long black rubber boat resting at the surface in entrance of my category.” 

Subsequent, Ivan drew stick figures of fellows at the chalkboard and mentioned, “That is one in every of you after the sea spit you out. And bet what? The following factor the sea goes to spit out is the boat.” 

He grabbed the eraser and mowed down the stickmen at the board. 

“Now the 170-pound IBS [inflatable boat small] is stuffed with water and weighs about up to a small automotive, and it’s coming proper at you right here at the seashore. What are you going to do?”

Ivan’s favourite a part of being a BUD/S teacher used to be “Hell Week.” Douglas Waller described Trainer Blah as a part of “probably the most dreaded mixture [of instructors] in all of Hell Week” in his guide Commandos: The Within Tale of The united states’s Secret Infantrymen. 

Most often, it starts someday on Sunday and ends the next Friday. 

“Breakout” marks the legitimate get started as instructors armed with blank-filled computerized guns, smoke bombs, and sim grenades, invade the barracks, fill the room with choking smoke, gunfire, and loud tune; when the coughing recruits stagger out in their quarters, they’re blasted with hearth hoses. The purpose of the workout is to create enough confusion and chaos as to damage unit brotherly love. 

Even supposing the recruits undergo their common bodily coaching, they’re stored conscious via 3 shifts of instructors. As soon as the recruits in Steve Templin’s BUD/S category fell into ranks after breakout, they failed to note that one guy used to be lacking. 

All of sudden the instructors frog-marched their classmate out. He used to be now blindfolded, gagged, and plasticuffed. Templin remembered Ivan lightly pronouncing, “No SEAL has ever been captured as a prisoner of warfare however you left seaman Nelson at the back of, didn’t you?”

Those that live to tell the tale Hell Week transfer directly to section two of BUD/S and start diver coaching with the purpose of turning into struggle swimmers. 

All through the dive section instructors and their scholars paintings carefully in combination and the connection turns into much less antagonistic. This very bad type of diving calls for nice consideration to element and crew paintings with a “swim friend.” 

The aspiring SEALs will discover ways to navigate underwater via pacing themselves and counting their kicks. In spite of everything, they’re presented to the Drager LAR (lung activated rebreather), a closed circuit, and natural oxygen device, which releases no telltale bubbles. 

Even supposing Ivan Trent used to be “a grasp of megaphone struggle” and a mental operator of the very best order, it used to be obtrusive to all those that got here into touch with him that his talents within the water bordered at the supernatural.

If there used to be ever a frogman to concern, it used to be Ivan Trent.

Along with serving SEAL Group 6, the Hawaiian served exchanges with the arena’s very best struggle swimmers: France’s Commando Hubert, Italy’s Icurosori, Germany’s Kampfschwimmers, Spain’s Unidad Especial Buceadores de Combate, and the Israeli’s Shayetet 13. 

Like Greenough discussing fins, boats, or fishing, Ivan grows beatific when describing Jacques Mayol’s esoteric theories on free-diving.  

Greater than anything, the Hawaiian “instilled in us a love of the sea and water basically,” wrote his former pupil Defoor. “You’ll be able to see the result of this from the collection of guys who nonetheless surf, swim, paddleboard, and so on.  As any true waterman is aware of, the water is the nice separator of performers within the outside.” 


After 21 years within the Military and deployments on just about each and every continent, Ivan retired to Virginia Seaside in 1998.

He used to be browsing a storm swell together with his spouse on Sept. 11, 2001. Whilst the dimensions of the assaults surprised him, he used to be no longer stunned. He had crossed paths and locked horns with Hezbollah, Lashkar e toiba, Hamas, Islamic Jihad union, the Tamal tigers, Abu saef, the Iranians, the Syrians, the Chechens and lots of different Jihadists over the process his profession. 

Whilst most often reluctant to supply his subjective evaluations, he makes an exception for the Jihadists he encountered at the battlefield.

“I noticed the enemy up shut and private. Not anything however hate of their eyes, not anything much less. Human decency beside the point of ideology is just human decency. Covering ominous intentions at the back of faith is darkish hearted.”

A couple of days after 9/11, the Hawaiian bumped into his browsing and paddle-boarding good friend Frank Lundy and advised him that he had reenlisted, “to do what I used to be educated to do.”  

The retired SEAL felt “a robust sense of urgency to come back again to my nation’s and my brothers’ support. Legal responsibility is my ethos, no strings hooked up, simply return in and provides extra.”  

He described returning to the groups at age 44 as “an enlightening enjoy.” 

When he first arrived in Afghanistan, he used to be struck via the cruel expanse and the individuals who inhabited it.

“They led exhausting lives, and I may just see the ache of their eyes.” 

On one in every of my many visits to the Trent hale in suburban Virginia, I realized a small grey headstone with a weather-beaten Pink Center hooked up to it. Engraved had been the names Erik Kristensen, Danny Dietz, Jacques Fontan, Michael McGreevy, Jeffrey Taylor, Jeffrey Lucas, and “Afghanistan Kunar Province 2005.” 

All the males had been SEALs killed within the Korangal Valley deep within the Hindu Kush Mountains right through Operation Crimson Wings. The 4 SEALs had been undertaking clandestine reconnaissance after they got here beneath a fierce assault from 20 to 30 Taliban opponents. 8 extra SEALs and 8 aviators from the Military’s a hundred and sixtieth Nightstalkers Aviation Regiment had been killed after a Taliban RPG shot down their rescue helicopter; it used to be the deadliest day for US Particular Forces since International Warfare II.

Even supposing the Military SEALs have lived as much as their recognition since 9/11, greater than 80 Naval Particular War operators were killed.

“Ivan misplaced pals,” mentioned Frank Lundy, who recalled one paddle he took with Ivan after he had simply returned house from a deployment. They had been greater than a mile offshore simply after first light, when he stopped paddling and requested if he may just be offering a prayer. 

“He quietly sits up on his board, seems to be eastward” remembered Frank. “Ivan turns and says, no longer in a holy curler more or less means, simply natural gratitude, ‘Thank you for the grace given to me to have the existence I’ve, the good stuff I’m thankful for, and the lads I’ve been ready to serve with. Please glance over them and their households whilst I’ve this nice day in entrance of me right here’—very considerate and transferring. An excessively humble warrior.”

Along with paddling, Ivan is a runner. As regularly as no longer, his day-to-day runs quilt 3 to 5 occasions their supposed distance and even if he frequently wins his age department in 5k races, he prefers for much longer distances. 

Whilst affected by a foul outbreak of Lyme illness, the Hawaiian entered the 2010 UDT/SEAL Reunion Run. No longer best did he end the 4 miles in not up to half-hour, he received his age crew (50-54). 

When his father died in 2006, Ivan venerated him via operating from Makaha, round Kaena Level, via Haleiwa, and again to Makaha—a distance of 86 miles.

Even supposing formally retired, Ivan labored with Fast Reaction Era—a crew together with George Greenough, Stan Pleskunas, and myself—effective tuning a few of his maritime safety innovations. 

Pleskunas labored at once with him at the mission and known as it one of the crucial highlights of his profession. 

“Even supposing I used to be a draft dodger and spent maximum of my browsing profession driving creampuffs at Sundown Cliffs, he handled me like a peer,” Pleskunas commented. “I’d practice that man anyplace and do anything else he advised me to do. Ivan is the quintessential chief, waterman, fearsome warrior, technical specialist, trainer, husband, father, son, and brother. Browsing is an important a part of his existence. On the other hand, it’s only a footnote in his existence’s reviews. Ivan is a countrywide treasure.”


In this day and age, Ivan trains younger Seals.

Greater than anything, he’s impressed via his pupils. 

“No longer best are they pressed to combat hardened enemies out of the country, however they unselfishly solid their private lives apart to serve, again and again.”  

Ivan is most often closed-lipped and obscure about what he’s in truth educating. When requested, he responds in vintage, antiseptic SEAL discuss. 

“We additional refine their war-fighting talents via infusing further ‘gear.’”

Even supposing Trent reels off an alphabet soup of acronyms and euphemisms like “drive on drive,” “fast motion,” and my private favourite, “tactical intimacy,” he’s educating them a lot more. 

Nowadays, the Hawaiian Odysseus makes it transparent to his younger fees that without reference to politics, overseas coverage, and election cycles, in spite of everything they are going to be struggling with for every different.