7-gill shark caught off OB Pier – the world’s record?

“He did a dying roll and dove down so I thought I out of place him.”

It took Danny Reid near to 4 hours to haul in his “shark of a lifetime” early Sunday evening time without work the Ocean read more on Surfing LA seashore Pier.

“This is a 7-gill shark, the actual size of this 7-gill is 9 ½ toes, the girth is about 3 ½ toes, the load is estimated to be a minimum of 350 pounds,” Reid proudly knowledgeable me. “It was an epic struggle.”

Reid, who is a member of the OB Over the top Shark Fishing Team, discussed his personnel had left lower than 30 minutes prior.

“I sliced my finger open, pulled it up, went chasing him down the pier, swinging the gaff.”

“I was by myself and was the only shark fisherman on the pier at the time,” he discussed.

“Once I first hooked it, I knew it was a shark because of I’d seen it as it was eating the bait, right kind underneath the pier, floating inside the provide on its side, gliding and drifting with the bait merely going down its throat…so he’s hooked and starts beginning off around the pier and I’m following it, I get with regards to it and ask a gentleman to put across me my gaff ‘objective I want to put across it up, so I try to gaff it, I stick him once and he shakes it off and can escape, he did a dying roll and dove down so I thought I out of place him.”

About 15 minutes later, Reid re-cast.

“Using the an identical bait, moray eel, I re-cast and he comes once more. It took about an hour or so to get two gaffs in him.”

At this degree, a small crowd was helping Reid as word spread speedy – dude was catching a shark.

“My family will enjoy barbecued shark for Christmas.”

“As we have been hauling him up he got stuck phase manner up, its weight broke one of the vital important gaffs, bent both one of the vital hooks, broke the barbs…. the second gaff he merely ripped off, broke the main line, abdomen flopped and was floating off inside the provide…. I had to get all my leaders bring to an end my gaff, sliced my finger open, pulled it up, went chasing him down the pier, swinging the gaff, in any case got close enough, had a number of other folks following me as I was following it, I stored saying put across my rope, put across my rope, I would like further drag, further rope, in any case got him close enough to stick him good, used another gaff, and working out it didn’t art work the main time and he would most likely fall off over again, we used the rope to lasso its tail. Once we lassoed his tail we have been confident we could put across him up. Took 9 folks and about thirty pulls to heave him up, nearly breaking the (pier) railing inside the process.

It’s taken me years to catch this one, I may have introduced it alternatively it’s so large, I’m so tired and I’m like so stuffed with adrenaline, I don’t in fact know what to do, throw it once more or just keep it.”

He stored it.

“We have been thinking about most likely the pier café would want it, they will stuff it and put it on display,” he added while staring at the shark. “Alternatively yeah, we’re going to consume it, my family will enjoy barbecued shark for Christmas this is remember the fact that.”

Reid has a number of movies of the catch on his Instagram feed:

In step with a few Internet property, the maximum published length of the 7-gill shark is 9.8 toes in length and the maximum reported weight is 236 pounds as of 2017.

If Reid’s weight estimate is right kind, it should smartly be the heaviest 7-gill caught from a fishing pier.

Robert, who witnessed the catch, knowledgeable me, “It was a monster, that you must merely have compatibility two basketballs in its mouth.” When asked what he’d estimate its weight as? “Spherical 400, I lived on a boat this summer time spherical all the fish coming in. This issue was fat!”

In step with PierFishing.com previous 7-gills caught from SoCal piers include:

185 Lbs. Santa Monica Pier, 1996 (Provide: Santa Monica Pier Bait Retailer)

150+ Lbs. — Crystal Pier (Surfing wrote in a blog post San Diego – Surf Report CA wrote in a blog post- ), March 2012 (Provide: PFIC)

112 Lbs. — Ocean read more on Surfing LA seashore Pier, Would most likely 2006 (Provide: PFIC)